MAGCORP Customer problems
75 Million Patients hit 300,000 Medicaid providers for a total of 2+ billion Medicaid Eligibility transactions last year across the country, against servers and mainframes that are often slow, prone to errors and denials, lacking automated answers, having no easy storage solutions.

Our customers are the Medicaid providers: hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and dentists that serve these patients

MAGCORP customer benefits:

      1. Speed — Eligibilities in 5 seconds, not 5 minutes
      2. Staff    — No Medicaid training needed
        Eliminates the training need for those running eligibilities, stores the data, and saves 90% of these transaction costs immediately.

Our solution is an ingeniously programmed PC-based application we call the “MED1™” (Medicaid Eligibility Device), whose software speeds up the Eligibility Check from 5 minutes to 5 seconds.

MED1 gives an up-to-the-minute eligibility assessment automatically, relieving your trained Medicaid staff from this repetitive chore. Your receptionists can now do this reliably, freeing up valuable staff time.

The MED1 application acts as a web user out to the webserver, gathering all relevant data for every Eligibility transaction, then acts like a webserver to all of the browsers in-house, rapidly delivering Eligibility results.

A proprietary, high-speed database engine that is “rules-driven” takes the most current set of eligibility data and determines whether that patient is going to be eligible – that day – or not.

All information is then securely stored in the MED1 tables for rapid retrieval.

MED1 cuts 5 screens in 5 minutes down to 2 screens in 5 seconds.