Rapid Answers

Healthcare IT is a complicated environment, more so every year.

MAGCORP decided to take one step towards making your life simpler:
take a very common transaction, make it

  • fast,
  • automated, and
  • easy to install, configure, and use

Med1 is designed to be as Easy As Possible to load, install, configure, and evaluate
18 minutes until you have real Medicaid Patient client eligibility information
And are ready for production

Not 5 minutes, but 5 seconds to get that latest eligibility reading

Don’t wait for Medical staff to read and interpret,
We automate that and give the answer in 5 seconds

Office Staff will run the ProviderOne card, have the results In 5 seconds

All data is automatically stored – no printing, filing
Check the Med1Mgr reports — see anyone’s visit results

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