If you’re using webservers to check Medicaid patient Eligibilities,
we can save you 95% of your time– and have it running it 20 minutes.

MAGCORP introduces:

Med1 Service

Immediately improve
Medicaid Eligibility Processing
with a speed and staff solution
that works automatically
with ProviderOne.
 5 screens in 5 minutes to 2 screens in 5 seconds

Not 5+ minutes and 5 screens: we automate the Eligibility answer, do it in 5 seconds, and give your office staff the results.
This will save you 50-to-1 in time and 3-to-1 on the staffing cost – or 150 times the cost of each transaction.

We save more than $10 per patient visit for every Eligibility check
20 minutes from download to live patient eligibilities – nothing but fast results.

MAGCORP’s software speeds up Eligibilities, saves Staff time and dollars – making it simpler, doing it transparently.
Cost savings are over 90% — from Day One.

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